Transforming Grief Workshops

...these things are offerings being made to you, to give you the stuff through which you can grow clearer and stronger and emptier and more available to your heart." -Ram Dass, on grief 

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In Memoriam
Healing our Loss and Honoring Our Dead
New Date!
Sunday Oct 11th,
4-6pm PST on Zoom
Cost: $25

Transforming Grief is happy to offer a workshop that will focus on those we have lost, in order to honor and connect with these dead loved ones who provide us with such a rich opportunity to continue to grow as people as we grieve for them. Our connection to our beloved dead is so important because our relationship with a loved one doesn’t end when they die. We orbit around each other, bound by love and experience across time and space. The better we acknowledge and honor this basic truth, the more fully we can understand ourselves and the human experience. 

What We'll Do - As always, we'll get grounded in our bodies with flow yoga and then we’ll do a special honoring guided meditation where you can connect with your departed loved one in a way that feels meaningful to you. Finally, we’ll come to our altars for some healing sound work, calling in our dead for the purpose of connecting with them, honoring them and thanking them for touching our lives so deeply. In this way we can find an appreciation for our own growth while nurturing the loving connection we have with the one who’s died. The growth you pursue in your beloved dead's name honors their life and yours. Let this be part of your shared legacy. We hope to see you at In Memoriam.

Facilitators: Wendy Rolon, End of Life Doula, Emma Stern, Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Serena Malkani, Sound Bath Artist and Ayurveda Practitioner

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