My Services
I serve the San Francisco East Bay


I provide physical and emotional support to the dying and their caregivers, encouraging a connection to nature when possible, and a focus on movement, even if it's just the movement of one's breath.


Guided visualizations are a wonderful way to let go of tension and fear. I lead the dying and their loved ones through various mediations designed to bring calm and encourage intimacy and forgiveness.


I sing at the bedside of the dying to raise the energy in the room and ground those present in a spirit of reverence, gratitude and peace.



Creative projects like albums, videos, collages, songs, poems, etc. are a way great way to review one's life and to add meaning and understanding as the end draws near. Legacy creations will remain treasured gifts to loved ones for many years to come.


Thoughtfully created ritual can help to recognize and honor this momentous time of transition, meeting the end of life with beauty, love and dignity. We can work together to create the rituals that will be most meaningful to you and your loved ones.


Sitting at the bedside of one who is actively dying is a great honor. I am grateful to be able to hold space for the dying and their loved ones during this process and to model the quiet, compassionate presence that helps make the experience sacred. 


The end of life can be a stressful and frightening time for the dying and their loved ones. I will help you understand what to expect throughout the process, and act as an advocate for you with the many professionals you will encounter during this time. 


There are many professionals (hospital teams, funeral staff, etc.) involved with end of life care. The End of Life Doula operates alongside but also independently from these teams, providing deeply personal and grounded continuity to your experience. 



I believe that change, and therefore grief to be the through line of our lives. Grief can exist in parallel with joy, excitement, dread, fear, anger and hope. There is no other state of mind that offers us the opportunity to look deeply inward and open our hearts to greater wisdom and compassion. Grief is with us way before a death occurs. I work with the dying and their loved ones to come to a place of acceptance and understanding around the profound grief that death can bring.

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