Find Comfort and Meaning at the

End of Life

COVID-19 changes to service- Services are currently not being performed in facility settings. Services are offered via video chat, phone and on a case by case basis, in the home. Thank you for your understanding.

End of Life Doulas provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to the dying and their loved ones. We are independent practitioners who often work alongside hospice and palliative care teams to help those near death find meaning and comfort at the end of life. 


The End of Life Doula guides those who are dying through the creation of rituals and legacy projects, as well as acting as advocates during the dying process. We use guided visualizations to encourage calm and provide the loving companionship that we all need at the end of life.


Wendy Rolón

Wendy's background is in birth doula work, music, writing and fiber art. She is particularly awed by grief's ability to transform and expand our lives. A long-time supporter of those in transition, Wendy brings a calm and loving presence to any situation. She believes fervently in the healing power of yoga, meditation, guided visualization, music and laughter, and is always looking for ways to incorporate these elements into her healing practice with those at the end of life and their loved ones.


As an artist, she finds creative legacy work and the conversations around that work to be a great way for those at the end of life to flesh out and organize their hearts and minds and to become inspired to move gracefully toward peace. In addition, she believes that mindfully and open heartedly re-processing death experiences to be invaluable to those working through bereavement. Wendy received her training with the International End of Life Doula Association and is currently pursuing an MS in Counseling Psychology.


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